Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Boutique for Noah was FABULOUS!!!

Me and sweet this boy.

I can't even begin to say how fun our day was yesterday. The boutique was so awesome and we had the best turn out. Dear friends come from all over who love Liza and her family, as well as friends who have never met her but were so supportive. Tears were shed, hugs were given, and tons of support was lent to this amazing family.

Jesse is Liza's best friend who stayed over 12 hours helping us. Thank you Jessee!

We made these cute aprons to sell and they went flying! My whole house was transformed into "Twigs and Twine" decor. I wish it looked like this all the time...

We had so many wonderful things donated. Brooke J. made homemade quilts, all our gourmet candies, and tons of cake plates that went flying too. Steph L. surprised us with the coolest decorated witches - that we sold in seconds. Thanks Tami P. and Jenny B. for the yummy food! We love all you ladies...

All of these things are homemade by Liza. She is not only talented, she is a pure artist with fabulous technique. It was fun to see everyone's faces when they would show up and realize this wasn't your normal homemade stuff.

My friend Jen got this Believe one, lucky...

Thanks to everyone and their support!!!! We could not have done it with out you all! It was such an uplifting experience. We had a fun drawing and below are all the winners:

McKinley C. MP3 Player
Dallin B. MP3 Player
Jen P. Scrapbook basket
Susan M. Christmas Plaque
Alissa P. Scrapbook basket
Amanda S. Scrapbook Calender Kit
Jane K. Flower Kit
Ronelle C. Card and Postcard Set
Rebecca C. Candy dish
Wendy S. DVD photo Montage

Thanks to all those who entered!!!!!!!! We appreciate to amazing experience with all of you!


Amanda said...

Everything was so beautiful! Liza is so talented. I agree with you, wouldn't it be great to have your entire house decorated with lots of these lovely creations?!

Thank you so much for the service your provided for the Burdettes, and for giving us an chance to serve and give too!

You guys are all so awesome. I always think about what a blessing it was to be apart of that BYU ward-- for everything I learned, but espeically for the lasting friendships, too!

Love you.

Kristin Jones said...

Sounds like it was a success. Sad I wasn't able to be there to help!!

Cannon's said...

I love my apron! Everyone freaks when they see the plate Liza made. Love everything. Keep up the good work, I know it's not over yet.

Thanks for all the love while we visited Utah. Miss ya already.

geeda said...

You are an angel and your family is a wonderful example to so many people. It is so hard to be far away grandparents but when we know families like yours are looking out for our Noah and Lizas family it makes our hearts glad. Everything looked beautiful, it was wonderful to see Lizas talents being appreciated by so many. She does have a gift, I guess I can say that because I'm her mother. She is so lucky to have such a good friend in you. Thank you so much, I wish I had been there to share the fun..thanks for being an instrument for the Lord, you have blessed so many lives.

Elissa said...

Kel you're awesome it was so fun going to a boutique that meant something. Well worth my decorating "budget"! I had so much fun thanks for hosting this!


I absolutely love your hair!! Sorry, it's been awhile since I looked at things. I hope you love it too. You look simply adorable!