Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some of my favorite READS....

So now that I have no kids left at home in the day and I decided that I would NOT clean every second, and I have further decided to treat myself to the local library as much as I want to.  Right now I have 5 books checked out and I just cant get to them fast enough.  I am a book nerd, always have been.  Still have my collection of Beverly Cleary and Little House on the Prairie books in my cedar chest from when I was little.

For the last 13 years of my married life I have spent nights staying awake readying every child/parent self help book I could get my hands on.  And I loved it.  But if you can believe it, I feel like I am actually getting the hang of it now - being a parent anyway.  I am sure that when all the teenage years come I will be right back to my self help books.  But for now I get to read my pure loves - documentaries.  Weird to some I am sure, but I love to read anything that is uplifting and real - even though I will dive into a fantasy every once in awhile (MATCHED!), but that is always my second choice.

So for this week I just finished two that were so interesting!  A CASE FOR SOLOMON was about an abduction in the 1800's of a little 4 year old boy.  Usually that would be way to sad for me, but the story was about his return and the controversy of who he was - since they didnt have fingerprints or anything close to what we have today.  I learned so much about the old days system of law and it made me appreciate so deeply our governing system today.  Crazy twist at the end - good read.

Secondly I finished LEFT TO TELL.  My friend Tami Price told me about this story years ago and I have always been interested in reading it.  When it finally came in off of the waiting list at the library I was stoked and jumped right in.  This one was a serious heartbreaker, but with powerful lessons on Christlike love and forgiveness.  If any person ever needed to feel like they could handle the trials they have been given, this would be the book to teach that.  Immaculee is one of my newest hero's and an inspiration of mastering one's self.  In a nut shell - she is a collage student during the horrific Rwandan Holocaust where almost 1,000,000 Tutsi villagers were slaughtered in 90 days.  She survived by hiding quietly in a small bathroom with seven woman/children.  She would spend 15 hours a day just sitting and praying while the world around them was in despair.  Surviving the ordeal only to be found alone with all but one of her family members murdered by friends.  Her journey to internal peace is remarkable. 

Well, I am starting my own personal book club - and this was my first meeting.  Quite a success I say to myself as I head upstairs to read some more...CHECK!


Martha said...

Thanks for inviting me to follow. You're such a doll and our family really misses our opportunity for regular association.
I wish that I could get through books more quickly.
My favorite book is a quick read, thankfully, and has done more to help me really grasp the concept of charity/the way we see our brothers and sisters. If you'd like to check it out, it is "Leadership and Self Deception" by The Arbinger Institute. The follow on book "The Anatomy of Peace" explores the concepts a bit deeper and is one that is worth re-reading from time to time.
Take care Kelly! Much love from Martha.

kelly said...

I love those two ideas! I think Mike would too. I am going to grab them for him at the library. Love that you dive into those kinds of books - you are such a good person Martha!

SJ said...

Hi Kelly, I didn't know you were a sister blogger... I've read both of the afore mentioned books and like them, although the Anatomy of Peace has a leg up in my book. Are you on good reads? That's where I keep track of my reads these days. I'l add your suggestions to my "to read" shelf. I do most of my reading w/ stories on CD's as I'm driving around town, or cleaning the house. Have a great week!

Gracefully Vintage said...

Ok-Kel, count me in- But I want to read something your reading at same time.. Those books sound amazing, but you already read them-I love-love True stories, stories with a purpose-or we can learn from.
What are you reading now-Ill head out and buy now-so we can sort of read at same time-chat about?
Love ya Karryann

Julie Moore said...

Hello my adorable friend! I love to read as well and all though I am not as familiar with Documentaries, there are two I want to suggest:

The first is a book club pick for next month... Heaven is Near, by Stephanie Neilson (an LDS mom). I hear it is amazing so I am looking forward to it. You have probably heard of it or even read it?

The second is Jantsen's Gift by Pam Cope (founder of Touch A Life Foundation and a modern day hero). I have met Pam and she is truly an inspiration. After a tragic accident claiming the life of her son, Pam and her family found themselves in Vietnam the Thanksgiving after her son’s death, trying to escape the memory of him. It is there that her life took a new direction. From that point on, she’s dedicated her life to rescuing trafficked children in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Ghana, Africa. Pam Cope has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show, and Oprah said, "I've interviewed thousands of people. Famous people, rich people...but never has anybody deserved a standing ovation more than you today."

So there you go. As far as other genres, I have plenty to recommend with the top being Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin.

Happy reading, love you bunches!

kelly said...

Sasha - I am so glad you have read those, double suggestion for sure means a good read! And another friend suggested good reads so I am going to check it out today!!!!

Karryann - Lets for sure read one together. I am just finishing up the second sequal to MATCHED called CROSSED. Will be done in a day or two.

Julie - old friend!!!! That is so funny (we are so alike) because I just finished Heaven in Here and my mom gave me Candle in the Darkness to start reading - yahoo! So I will definately start it!!!!

Shalee said...

What a great idea! I just started " The Happiness Project".